Thursday, November 20, 2008

iBiquity Collecting Retail Tales

How many stories have you heard where someone asked to see the HD Radios in a consumer electronics store, and that person was directed to the satellite radio displays? If you go into a CE retailer and don't see HD Radios on display, or they're not turned on or are in a closed display case, talk to the store manager, and drop a line to iBiquity Digital.

iBiquity wants to hear about retail experiences for HD Radio, both good and bad. That's according to Vice President, Broadcast Business Development Scott Stull, who spoke during yesterday's HD Radio Webinar hosted by Broadcast Electronics.

[they may want to start with this report - ed.]

IBOC+Satellite? Subscribers Not Impressed

Commenters Oppose Rules to Mandate It in Their Radios

When the Federal Communications Commission okayed the merger of Sirius and XM this August, commissioners pledged to initiate a Notice of Inquiry on the issue of requiring satellite radios to also receive IBOC signals "or any other technologies capable of providing audio entertainment services," according to the decision.

Radio World peeked into MM Docket 08-172. Initial public comments were due Nov. 10 and replies are due on Dec. 9.

As of mid-October, there had been about 30 comments filed, mostly from satellite radio subscribers who opposed a mandate, as well as an amateur radio operator who opposed it and one broadcaster who supported the concept.

Exploring HD-R Availability in Philly

So how is HD Radio doing in Philly? Badly.