Friday, November 16, 2007

‘Anti’ IBOC Alliance Membership Grows

WYSL owner Bob Savage says he has more than 90 members for his new anti-IBOC alliance which I mentioned in my last post.

None wished to be identified by name.

“For the most part these people are not bomb-throwing reactionaries but are radio pros who are genuinely concerned about IBOC’s adverse effects on AM radio,” he tells me. The entries also include “many accounts of serious interference” he says.

There are a few DXers, ham operators and other “civilians” among that group; however, he said, the majority are broadcasters who represent a cross-section “from the small-market guys all the way to major-market 50 kW AM stations.”

One anonymous “confessional entry,” he says, “loses sleep over being forced by management to install HD-AM, which he regards as an ethical transgression, because it generates harmful interference. He’s certain that if his name and station got out he would lose his job.”