Saturday, December 8, 2007

2007 Digital Media Losers

2007 Digital Media Losers
By Richard Menta 12/8/07

1. HD Radio
Why has HD Radio failed to take off? Why does it have lackluster word of mouth? After reviewing several units we found out why.

The makers of the radio units themselves cheaped out on the tuners, which have such poor sensitivity, both a beat-up $20 Sony shower radio and a vintage 1941 Zenith kitchen radio bettered them. What good is an HD receiver when you can barely tune into either analog or HD signals? A perfect example of where $200-$600 buys you inferior quality. Here is a technology adopted by thousands of radio stations - at significant expense - only to be undermined by the radio manufacturers. HD Radio may get a reprieve as Ford offered to put it in all 2008 vehicles. Hopefully, the receivers Ford puts into its automobiles have more sensitive tuners. If they don't, HD radio risks going the way of 8-track tapes and Quadraphonic Sound records.