Sunday, December 2, 2007

HD. Yes … But.

Yes, (from Paragon’s ‘07 HD study) 42% have heard of HD Radio.
But … Only one-in-three can identify any HD station. Stations

Yes, QVC was retailing HD Radios to more than 160 million homes.
But … Just 500 were sold.

Yes, The average QVC price for a HD Radio was $337.66.
But … Listeners want to pay only about $50.00. BuyHd

Yes, Ford will be offering HD Radios over their full line in 2008.
But … You’ll have to pay extra for it. I-pod dock, leather seats, or HD Radio? Hmmm.

Yes, Listeners who already have a HD Radio would buy another one.
But … There aren’t enough of them to make a ripple. purchase

Yes, HD makes AM stations sound a lot better.
But … Interference at night is a big problem (see Comment #3).

Yes, When listeners understand what HD Radio is and what it can do, most might think about buying one. buy
But … Obviously the massive promotion to date hasn’t come close to doing the job. hd-awareness.pdf