Monday, October 8, 2007

HD Radio Effort Undermined by Weak Tuners in Expensive Radios

By Richard Menta 3/24/07

Central New Jersey is an ideal location for receiving broadcast radio and television. The state is perfectly sandwiched between New York and Philadelphia and with a population of nearly nine million residents it is heavily targeted by the stations that serve these two major cities. This is the most densley populated state in the country and the one with the second highest per capita income, making it an advertiser's dream.

The FM dial is so crowded, in fact, that there are only a few relatively open frequencies where I can effectively utilize the FM transmitter that allows me to listen to my iPod in the car. What better market is there to sample the burgeoning HD radio offerings, all provided by the same stations that presently serve this region?

From left to right we have the Accurian HD Radio, Boston Acoustics Recepter Radio,the Polk I-Sonic Entertainment System, and a circa 1941 Zenith model 520.