Tuesday, October 9, 2007

HD Radio vs. Internet Radio - Which is Radio's Future?


Here at Bridge Ratings, we are often asked about HD radio. Is there a future? And, if there is a future from a consumer's perspective, how well- in our opinion - will HD radio enhance terrestrial radio's future?

In a just-completed Bridge Ratings study of 3179 consumers ages 12+, our client's goal was to determined the current status/awareness of HD radio among average Americans and how it compares to Internet radio in use and interest.

This chart provided by BIA Financial Network expresses the most current status of the number of HD On-air radio stations in the U.S. 278 HD stations are on the air in the top ten radio markets - about 36%. This compares to 18% of the stations in markets 51-100 that have invested in HD technology for their stations.