Friday, October 5, 2007

In-band on-channel (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In-band on-channel (IBOC) is a method of transmitting digital radio and analog radio broadcast signals simultaneously on the same frequency.

By utilizing additional digital subcarriers or sidebands, digital information is "piggybacked" on a normal AM or FM analog signal, thus avoiding any complicated extra frequency allocation issues. However, by putting extra RF energy beyond the edge of the station's normally-defined channel, interference with adjacent channel stations is increased when using digital sidebands.

HD Radio

iBiquity also created a mediumwave HD Radio system for AM, however it has so far failed in technical trials to perform as superbly as promised mainly due to interference caused by using sidebands in an environment intended for narrowband amplitude modulation. The HD-Radio system employs use of injecting digital sidebands above and below the audible portion of the analog audio on the primary carrier. This system also phase modulates the carrier in quadrature and injects more digital information on this phase-modulated portion of the carrier. It is based on the principle of AM stereo where it puts a digital signal where the C-QUAM system would put the analog stereo decoding information.